PingPartner Hour Report:
Interval: Every 1 minute(s)
Created: 6/25/2019 1:52:00 AM

100ms 12ms12ms4ms4msNo R.4ms9ms4ms5ms10ms8ms4ms8ms4ms4ms7ms4ms4ms4ms4ms5ms4ms4ms4ms4ms4ms6ms4ms7ms5ms4ms4ms5ms4ms4ms5ms4ms6ms4msNo R.4ms6ms14ms4ms4ms4ms4ms4ms4ms4ms9ms01:52 AM4ms4ms4ms18ms4ms4ms4ms7ms4ms
60 minute scale
Low = 4ms, High = 18ms, Average = 5ms

Green => Actual ping value
Blue => Less than 10ms
Red => No Response
Empty => No data collected

Red line indicates last sample time

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